Want to buy a print?

Yes, most works shown here are available for purchase. Please contact me for specifics.

Buying a bird print

Want to buy one or more bird print(s)? Cool! This is how it works:

Send me an email and let me know which bird print(s) and where to ship to.


Price for a print is between €95 and €145,- depending on which number in the edition is the next available print:

  • Numbers 2, 4 - 12: €95,-
  • Numbers 13, 14, 15, 16: €115,-
  • Numbers 17 en 18: €145,-


  • The Netherlands: €10,-
  • Europe: €15,-
  • Worldwide: €25,-

Edition info

Print number 1 is framed and kept for exhibition purposes.

All prints number 3 are kept as a special box set which will become available once the series is completed.

Prints 19 & 20 will become available for individual purchase once the series is completed. Subscribe below to be the first to know.

Also: a publication about LEGO letterpress is coming end of 2023.